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Captain Snappy with a Rod


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Download the

Lucky Catch and Snap Mobile App and Get a brag mat

from one of our partners.

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Catch one of the thirty species at one of our twenty locations, and using the app,

take a photo of your catch at the time of catch on the brag mat, and you're in the running to win!


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1.  Entrants must bear their own costs to participate in the Competition.


2.  Entrants must complete the registration process at the website or app to be eligible to participate in the Competition.

3.  The Competition will commence from 5am 9 September 2023 and conclude at 5pm on 8 October 2022. For an entry into any given Daily Draw to be valid, the catch must be made, a photo of it taken using the app and registered via the app between 5am and 5pm on that day.

4.  Entrants can enter up to a maximum of 5 entries per day into that day’s draw. The fish caught on any given day are only relevant to that day’s draw and will not carry over in the subsequent days draw.

5.  Line Fishing is the only accepted fishing technique that may be used by Entrants.  Fish must be recorded at time of capture.


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Download The App and Start Fishing!

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Share your catch!


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